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Sarge on SPARCstations etc.

I've been having a session of checking what machines the 32r5 CD boots on, since
I want to bring up at least one more 32-bit Sun for a particular job.

This is purely for information in case nobody else has checked recently. I'm not
complaining, I'm not expecting anybody to fix things. OTOH since Sarge is the
last Debian likely to be qualified for 32-bit SPARC it's a pity usability is

SS10: No releases of 3.1 boot. It gets as far as  reserve_bootmem:
base[1b000000] size[2e3174]  and then either locks up, gives a  Watchdog Reset 
message, or an Interrupt 15. I've not worked out the exact conditions- it seems
to vary depending on whether the boot is from CD or LAN, on the number and type
of CPU modules installed, any force mem= overrides etc.

SS20: I think R5's OK. I might have seen one or two problems while fiddling but
a system based on R1 (plus updates) is reliable.

Ultra5: Running R4 reliably here, didn't try to install X etc.

Ultra10: Basic boot OK, haven't yet attempted a full installation.

SPARCserver 1000E: 2.2 is reliable running SMP. 2.4.34 isn't, problem appears to
be somewhere around do_softirq()- CPU0 gets stuck.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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