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Challenge to both Aurora and Debian Sparc lists

I've tried in the past; I've tried with the most recent versions.
Neither Aurora 2.0 nor the latest Debian Sparc will install working
xwindows using a 2.6 kernel on an Ultra 1. Xwindows only seems to work
with the 2.4 kernel.

The Aurora 2.0 installation hung (and I tried twice.) Debian installs
but always starts gdm, even if initab is set to 3. I have 768 MB RAM and
a Turbo GX sbus graphics card. I purchased a Creator card on eBay, and
discovered it has a different sbus that doesn't fit in an Ultra 1.
(Stupid mistake.) Setting depth to 8 bits and other tweaks to xorg.conf
have not worked. All I get is a blue cursor in the upper left corner of
the screen.

I want to install a 2.6 kernel because I want to take advantage of 2.6
router/server features. I want xwindows because doing everything from
the command line is a pain.

I am not a newbie, but I feel like one now. Thanks for any help.

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