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Sun PGX64 Video questions

I have a Sun Ultra 60 running ETCH connected to my gdm20d10 monitor.

I have a TATUNG Comp 10 I would like to add to my network. The TATUNG
has a Creator 3D card. I have a PGX64 card I would like to put in the
TATUNG so I can run it through my KVM using my Gateway VX900 monitor.
>From what I can find thee PGX64 and the VX900 are compatible.

I am 60 years old and would like to avoid crawling under my desk to
change monitor hook-ups if possible.

My questions are: 

If I remove the Creator card and put the PGX64 in my TATUNG, will the
card find and set itself to the monitor so I don't have problems with
the initial Sun boot display or will the Sun boot display attempt to
boot into 1152x900 which isn't supported by the monitor? 

If there is no answer to the above question, am I endangering my
monitor if I try this?


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