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Re: Problems with new version of slrn

On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 08:46:23PM +0100, amadesani@libero.it wrote:
> Hi all. In my debian sid that works on a blade 1000, I've recently
> upgradede slrn from to the new one.
> The problem is that new versione in /etc/news/slrn.rc doesn't accept the
> instruction:
> set mime_charset "iso-8859-15"
> and without this setting the italian letter with accent (à, è, ù, ecc.ecc)
> are shown with a "?". I've not been able to resolve this and I was obliged to
> downgrade to old version.
> Someone can help me to use correctly italian letters with new slrn?
> Thank in advance

This blog entry might shed some light:


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