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Outstanding sparc issues for etch


With etch freezing announced today, I thought it would be a good time 
to review the outstanding issues, and discuss the prospects of getting 
them fixed for etch. I'm pretty happy to say that I currently don't 
have any serious issues on my radar (and hope that it will remain that 
way :-). Here is a list of bugs I'm currently tracking:

334104	dmfe and tulip drivers advertise support for PCI cards with 
	the same PCI ID. Looks like it's intentional, see my message 
	in the bug trail. Even if it's not getting fixed, a workaround
	(manual fix for the modules during install and blacklisting
	the undesired module after the install) is available.
388329	xorg lacks support for PCI cards in the PCI domain other than
	zero. Bug has a rather limited impact (only machines like 
	E250 are affected, I think). Patch is available, but I'm 
	fairly skeptical that it will get adopted at that point. In
	the worst case I'll just build the unofficial xorg packages
	with the patch and make them available from a private
393894	CD-ROM support (or esp driver, or something in the SCSI 
	subsystem) is broken on sparc32. Looks like a compiler issue,
	see messages in the bug. Will most probably not get fixed,
	so the alternative installation methods will have to be used.
384653	Partitioner misdetects the disk size during the install, 
	usually when the disk was previously configured for Solaris.
	I was not able to reproduce it, people who did never provided
	enough info to debug it. So it will remain unfixed. Luckily,
	a simple workaround (zapping the first few kilobytes of the
	disks with zeros before partitioning) is available.
401524	xorg hangs on Ultra1 with a cgsix card. Asked for some 
	debugging info, never received any. cgsix driver works fine
	for me in SS20.
384549	Networking is not supported/broken on b100 blade systems.
	We kind of figured out why the drivers fail, but I have no
	idea how to fix it and upstream did not react in any way.

If you know of any other bugs which require attention, or plan to work 
on one of the bugs mentioned above, please post the information about 
them in this thread.

Best regards,
Jurij Smakov                                           jurij@wooyd.org
Key: http://www.wooyd.org/pgpkey/                      KeyID: C99E03CC

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