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Re: Transferring system from old hd to new raid1

On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 05:16:55PM +1100, John wrote:
> Thanks for your response, Josip.
> I have been trying to follow your instructions but I'm hitting a brick wall
> at the 'cp -a /old/* /new/*' commands result.

Whoops, not /new/*, just /new. I'm sorry - typo.

> The other thing that's troubling me but I haven't got to that stage yet
> is, what is going to happen to files like /old/etc/fstab? Will it
> overwrite the new raid fstab? Is the kernel 2.6.16 likely to be
> overwritten by the 2.4.18?

Yes, you will have to slightly update some things on the new system if you
want them to differ.

The kernel will probably be untouched (cp won't destroy existing files),
but you will probably want to adjust the /boot/vmlinuz symlink so that the
right one is picked at boot time. Or adjust /etc/silo.conf accordingly.

The fstab will be overwritten, but since you know the layout offhand, it's
not a problem :) You could save it to / and copy it back later if you can't
be bothered to rewrite later.

Now that you mention it - if you copy the entire old system over the new
one, that will also overwrite the dpkg package database, which might pose a
small difficulty later (you won't have all the files in /usr in sync with
the package database), but that can be rectified later by a series of
dpkg -S $PWD/* calls in the right places :)

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