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bind 8.4.7 and notifys


While migrating a nameserver, I noticed a difference between BIND 8.4.6 
 (Debian -1) and 8.4.7 (also Debian -1) - the latter one doesn't send 
 NOTIFYs when a zone is changed&reloaded.

I tried explicitly setting "notify yes;", both globally and in the zone 
 definition, but still no luck:

options {
        notify yes;
        suppress-initial-notify no;
zone "zone.invalid" {
        type master;
        file "master/zone.invalid";
        allow-transfer {secondarys; trusted_hosts;};
        notify yes;

If I configure logging for notify, severity debug, I get

notify: info: suppressing duplicate notify ("zone.invalid" IN SOA)

(And no, it simply doesn't send any NOTIFY whatsoever, verified with 
 tcpdump, the "suppressing duplicate" ain't true.)

Any hints? I can find no mention of this behaviour in the docs, nor on 
 bugs.d.o either. Both machines are sun4u, Sarge vs. Etch.

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