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Etch Net Install ISO Doesn't Boot on Ultra10

I've seen some emails on this list about this issue, but no solutions...

I have an Ultra10 and was able to install Aurora 2.0 (Fedora) on it with
no problems.  The kernel there is 2.6.13

I'd prefer to install Debian on the Ultra10, but the Testing "Etch" net
install ISO hangs at "Booting Linux..."  I've tried a regular boot and
rescue boot.  Neither work.

I'm using etch build date 20060314.  The kernel is 2.6.15

Is this the correct place to report this bug?  I am going to go try the
stable ISO, and if that works I can live with it, but I wanted to assist
in getting the testing iso to boot.

Nathanial Hendler
Tucson, AZ USA

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