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RE: Running Vmware onto Debian R31r2


I believe that VMWare will only work on x86 processors, not on SPARC
processors.  Same goes for Xen.



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Subject: Running Vmware onto Debian R31r2


I have loaded Debian linux R31r2 onto a Sun SparcUltra2, I have X windows
working with all the drivers. Thanks to the help I got from this forum. 

Now I do have another issue hopefully someone can help me. I am trying to
load vmware 5.0 onto this machine with debian linux R31r2. It allows me to
install it but before I can use the vmware, I need to configure it so I
execute vmware-config. It gave me this error.

"Your processor does not support the ^cpuid instruction. VMware Workstation
will not run on this system.

Execution aborted."

I dont understand what it means by this? Sorry I am very new to linux.
Appreciate all the help you gave me.

Thanks in advance.

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