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Re: udev and the initram image

On Wed, 19 Jul 2006, Hendrik Sattler wrote:


kernels with initrd/initramfs were and are a major pain, at least to me. It
breaks much too often :-(

Currently, while it is getting even more complicated with klibc included,
upgrading to linux-image-2.6.17-1-sparc64-smp broke my system:
- udev is not run in that image
- klibc fails to load with "Unable to load /lib/klic-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.so"
with xxxxxxxxxxxxxx being some lower case hex string.
- linux-2.6.12-1-sparc64-smp isn't booting anymore, too.

Currently, busybox helps to manually get kind of a system running. Any ideas
except creating a kernel image that does not need an initrd?
What exactly did break?

Given that klibc is currently *very* actively developed upstream, this is not too surprising. The obvious thing to do is to file a bug against either klibc or initramfs tools. The maintainer (Maximillian Attems) is usually very responsive and tries to fix all the problems ASAP (he'll especially appreciate if you will test the next upload candidate for him on sparc).

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