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X.org and kernel problems on SunBlade 100

I've managed to install Debian etch on my SunBlade 100, but now I can't get X to work properly. I've set the resolution to 1600x1200 in xorg.conf, but when I start X, the resolution is set do 320x240 or something like that, it's not pretty. The only error message I get is "Module mach64 not found", when it tries to load a kernel module (?!).
The graphics card is an ATI Rage XL, the standard card for these machines.
How can I get it to show decent resolutions?

Also, to make the Type6 USB keyboard work properly in X, do I have patch the source and then compile x.org by myself? This is the only solution I've come across when googleing.
My xorg.conf file is generated with the Xorg -configure command.

Oh, one last peculiar thing... The CPU was said to have something around 1048 BogoMIPS when I booted the system with the out-of-the-box kernel, but when I compiled and booted the latest kernel, the BogoMIPS are said to be 11.11, a somewhat large difference. Any ideas of what could cause this?
| Daniel Liikamaa
| danlii@frozenbanana.net

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