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Re: sparc32 and sparc64-only packages

> Hence the question: what does release team thinks about presence of such
> packages in the archive? Porting them to sparc32 may constitute a
> significant effort, not justified, in my opinion, by the benefit provided.
> sparc32 is not exactly geared for watching movies, and so far I can recall
> only one person on the debian-sparc list mentioning attempts to run xorg
> on it (current xorg lacks drivers for cards found on sparc32 boxes, they
> have been uploaded only recently and are currently in NEW). So, if sparc
> at some point becomes a release candidate, would presence of the packages
> only supporting sparc64 would be considered RC?

I agree. SPARC-32 might still have its place as an introduction for people with
no experience of Sun machines if that's all they can get hold of, but I can't
see anybody in their right mind expecting to run fancy animated graphics on it.
Perhaps a stub is in order advising anybody who tries to install certain
packages that they have been withdrawn since the platform simply isn't fast
enough- can anything like that be done?

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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