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Re: Xorg 7 on sparc64

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 04:47, Steve Pacenka wrote:
> I accepted the defaults presented by xserver-xorg's bare metal setup,
> which for "$ARCH" = "sparc" is XkbRules = "sun" and XkbModel = "type5".

As posted before on this list, this is bug #368214.

>    if kernel <= 2.4
>       case architecture
>          sparc) Xkbrules = sun
>          someotherarchitecture) XkbRules = otherarcpopularkeyboard
>          *) Xkbrules = xorg
>       esac
>    else
>       Xkbrules = xorg
>    fi

Would you be willing to try to code that properly in the relevant script 
and to file it as a suggested patch to that bug report?

Another, possibly simpler but sparc-specific, solution would be:
   if architecture is sparc
      if kernel <= 2.4
         default XkbRules = sun
         default XkbRules = xorg
      default XkbRules = xorg

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