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RE: boot trouble


Yep, looks like you may have a corrupted NVRAM/PROM on the machine and so
OpenBoot isn't working - it may be worth seeking advice from someone that
knows more about SPARC's etc. but it sounds like a new PROM is needed for
the machine - it is possible to re-flash the PROM from the OpenBoot command
line, but it needs to boot from cdrom, which it's sounding like yours won't
do :(  

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Subject: RE: boot trouble

i do:
-> data access exception
-> data access exception
-> data access exception
test cdrom
-> data access exception
test disk
-> data access exception
-> data access exception

the only command that do something is:
Target 1
Unit 0  Disk IBM .....
Target 3
Unit 0  Disk QUANTUM .....
Target 6
Unit 0  Removable Read only device TOSHIBA....

it's like i've only a piece of the openboot.. :/

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