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Bug#369890: silo: build-depends on gcc-2.95, which may be removed for etch

Package: silo
Version: 1.4.11-0.2
Severity: serious

The silo bootloader package build-depends on gcc-2.95 at the version
currently in unstable, making it the only package of any substance which
does so.  The gcc-2.95 package itself is RC-buggy, failing to build with the
current version of make; since there has been no interest expressed in
fixing this bug by the maintainer, the likely outcome is that gcc-2.95 will
be dropped from etch, leaving sparc without a releasable bootloader.

There are two possible solutions:

- silo gets updated to use a more recent compiler, dropping this build-dep
- someone adopts gcc-2.95, fixing the FTBFS, and maintaining it for etch

X-Debbugs-Cc: to debian-sparc.

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