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Re: Sun Blade 2500

JD Brown schrieb:
i would like to install debian on our sun blade 2500.
i'm able to netboot this image:

unfortunatly it does not find any harddrives. is there a module i could

the second issue is, that the text-installer looks really crappy. it's
only black and white. so choosing an options is more trial and error.
any solution to that?

Are you intentionally trying to netboot from a Debian "Daily" Sparc image build?

more or less.... :)
actually i couldn't find netboot images for sarge... and the cd wouldn't boot... *shrug*
F.Y.I. I've been succesful with "Etch" and definately "Sarge" on
various Sun workstations.

i've tried etch beta2 now. installations works fine (except for the horrible looking text installer...). when i reboot the machine, silo loads successfully, the kernel is loaded (2.6.15), it's loading an initial ramdisk (1689114 bytes at 0x33F802000 phys, 0x40C00000 virt)...

and then i get:

Illegal Instruction

and i am dropped to the openboot prompt...

any idea what causes this?

f.y.i. the blade 2500 has a ultrasparc IIIi cpu and 2gb of ram.

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