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Re: Support for Hardware crypto accelerator 1000 from SUN

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, seb@frankengul.org wrote:

Hello lists readers,

I have a PCI card from SUN labeled SUN-crypto accelerator 1000.

Looking at the web, I found some mention of a linux driver from RedHat
for old kernel (like 2.4.18).
They seems to have been removed from newer kernel.

What happened to those drivers ?
Is there any support for this hardware under debian ?

With very rare exceptions, Debian supports whatever the upstream kernel supports. I guess that such hardware is pretty hard to come by, so you might just have to embark on an exciting project of porting the old driver to the newer kernel :-).

To answer your other question, there are a couple of userspace daemons which should assist in entropy collection. The names I've heard of are EGD and PRNG, strangely enough neither of them appears to be packaged. Note that those just provide an additional socket you can read from, and do not feed the entropy into the /dev/random or /dev/urandom pool.

Best regards,

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