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Re: Does anyone have software RAID 1 mirroring of / set up on Sparc?

Ashley Hooper a écrit :
Hi all,


I've been struggling with this for the last few days but no matter what I do I cannot get a mirrored root filesystem on my V240.  Generally what happens is that SILO refuses to boot from the partition as soon as it's changed to type 'fd' (RAID autodetect).  Other times it starts to boot but only gets as far as single user mode and then cannot mount root properly.

The way I've been working is like this:

1.  install Debian to /dev/sda:

      /dev/sda1 - 3 GB swap
      /dev/sda2 - 10 GB root
      /dev/sda4 - 20 GB /var
      /dev/sda5 - 15 GB /home

      /dev/sda3 becomes the Sparc 'all disk' partition.
      NB I also tried a separate /boot partition but that didn't work either.

	When I try to install a debian/sparc with Raid1, I use :

/dev/sda1 : /boot
/dev/sda2 : swap
/dev/sda[4-8] for all other partitions.

	The first system I install is on /dev/sda2 partition without raid. It
only a minimal system. I rebuild a kernel with raid1 buimtin support.
After that, I build all raid1 arrays :
/dev/md0 : /dev/sda1, /dev/sdb1 -> /boot
/dev/md1 : /dev/sda4, /dev/sdb4 -> /

	I copy the system from /dev/sda2 to /dev/md0 and /dev/md1 with rsync. I
lauch silo (with append="md1,/dev/sda2,/dev/sdb2"), I reboot with
root=/dev/md1 and I configure /dev/mdx for the swap.

	The first partition has to be ext3 or fd, not swap because swap writes
from first block and avoid silo block. If swap begins on the cylinder 1,
openprom cannot boot (ther is not MBR on sparc architecture).

	That's all ;-)



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