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Unofficial CD featuring SILO 1.4.11 available


I've built a businesscard CD, which uses SILO 1.4.11 to boot [0]. It is believed that the new version of SILO has some important bugfixes, which might solve the problems on newer machines, where the old SILO just fails [1]. It would be great if everyone who encountered problems with booting from CD could test it and report their experiences. Note that this CD has been done mostly for SILO testing, and it might have problems installing a complete system for you (if you decide to use it this way, keep in mind that it will install sid and the old SILO is going to be installed for hard drive booting).

[0] http://www.wooyd.org/d-i/debian-unofficial-sparc-binary.iso
[1] This is *not* an April 1st joke :-).

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