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Fwd: Re: Debian on a Sun Ultra 5

Whoops! Seems my reply-to in kmail is going to the poster and not the list...

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Subject: Re: Debian on a Sun Ultra 5
Date: Wednesday 22 March 2006 08:10 am
From: "Joseph M. Gaffney" <cucullin@wtfisthat.net>
To: pete@devilincarnate.eclipse.co.uk

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 05:58 am, Pete Clarke wrote:
> Please reply to the list rather than to me personally - I do read the
> posts and it allows others to benefit from your wisdom.
> >> The IDE limitation is 120GB (ish) - however, this does not mean it
> >> wouldn't be a useful backup box - stick a USB card in, very cheap
> >> these days, and attach an external drive.
> >
> > This is not fast ...
> I never said it would be fast, I was attempting to provide an alternative
> to the 120GB limit with the internal IDE. I personally use an internal
> SCSI card with 72GB, 15k drives for storage - quick, not the cheapest but
> works "out of the box".

The limitation I was referring to was the conner raid box, not the Ultra 5 -
though the limit is good to know.  I may put a 40gb drive in that I have
laying around, I think I've only got 10gb in there right now.

> >> Or pick up a cheap SCSI card - about £20 from eBay and one of the 7
> >> or 12 slot external enclosures and have yourself a nice RAID backup :-)
> >
> > This is not cheap ... (unless You have already some old SCSI drives, but
> > those are also not fast )
> The old SCSI drives are probably going to be faster than the internal IDE
> - the U5's IDE subsystem is terribly slow.
> >> The Ultra 5's (and 10's) still make remarkable good workhorses in
> >> these days of multi-core, multi-gigahertz machines .... they make
> >> wonderful development boxes too...
> >
> > To my knowledge, the fastest and cheapest solution for an U5 is:
> > By a cheap SATA card ~30 EUR with two slots, the SATA drives have
> > usually similar prices to PATA for sizes up to ~200 Gig. Above SATA is
> > even cheaper than PATA (as far as I've seen). There are also SATA cards
> > for more than two HDD's, but those are more expensive too - don't know
> > the prices ...
> > I use it primarily as a server for home video files ('few hundred gigs')
> > from my satellite and cable receiver.
> That would probably be cheaper, and fairly quick - does OBP recognise the
> SATA controllers as bootable devices?
> I haven't played with SATA so have limited knowledge in that area - SCSI
> is my "thing". :-)
> It all depends on what the OP wants to use the box for - I believe that's
> the question he was asking....as a developer I see some good potential in
> the little U5's, and 10's - a [333/440]/1GB U5/10 still makes a bloody
> good development workstation....quick enough for most tasks.
> Cheers,
> Pete.

I think I'm perfectly fine with the decreased speeds.   I don't have anything
with SATA in the house, though I do have plenty of IDE drives, and a few SCSI
drives.  I'll have to take a look and see what I have as far as SCSI goes, I
think perhaps I'll try a few things; backup, local web server/test box, and
postgresql for some various db's I have.

The next step will be getting a drive into my Multia and putting that little
space heater to some good use - thanks everyone :-D

Joseph M. Gaffney
aka CuCullin


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