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Re: AW: Debian on a Sun Ultra 5

> Hi Pete, hi Mr. Zimmermann,
> I am quite sure that the OBP will not recognize the SATA disk controller.
> We use an AHA29160 SCSI controller within an U60; the method of choice for
> booting is either a CD or a netboot (here). One could alternatively insert
> a small SCSI / PATA disk to boot from and mount the "real" disks at a
> later stage.
> Bying equipment that is "known" by openboot is fairly expensive and IMHO
> not neccessary - if one can live with somewhat slower boot-up times via
> network or (faster!) CD.

My U10's and U5's use an LSI, Sun scsi adaptor - abour £30 from ebay and
The small SCSI/PATA boot disk is a good alternative - you shouldn't need
to boot these boxes too often anyway ;-)

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