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Debian on a Sun Ultra 5

Hey everyone, new to the Debian lists in general, so if theres a good archived 
reference to anything that I may have overlooked, please let me know :)

I have a Sun Ultra 5, which I can't remember what size drive I put in it, 
currently running Sarge.  However, its off pretty much all the time since I 
can't decide what to do with it, really.

I was using it as simply a second workstation while my main workstation was 
down, and one that my girlfriend could use while I had my laptop and tablet 
with me.  However, I wouldn't mind putting it to more well-deserved uses, 
like an LDAP server, backup server, db server, etc.  So, I was wondering what 
all the sparc experts out there think an Ultra 5 would be well suited for :)

In the case of a backup server, I have a connor raid box I was considering 
connecting, but I think the hardware limitation on this particular box is 
12GB, so it might not be worthwhile (I do some dv editing on my main machine, 
so I have several hundred GB's of data).

So, any ideas? I welcome any :)

Joseph M. Gaffney
aka CuCullin

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