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Re: Ultra 10 processor support

#I have a 333 Ultra 10.  I was just wondering whether it is possible to add
#more processors.  I think the max speed processor I can get is 440, but 2
#processors (or more) would be good.

This is not necessarily the place to ask this, a quick Google would answer this particular question ... but never mind..

The Ultra 10 is a uniprocessor machine, the 440 is the fastest CPU the board will take.

The Ultra 1, 5, 10 (the 5 and 10 share the same motherboard) and 30 were all uniprocessor. The Ultra 2 and Ultra 60 were both dual processor machines around at (roughly) the same time.

So, the answer would be no - you can't add any extra CPU's to the U10 - it only has one processor socket.



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