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[D-I] Network driver question - how to recognize sunqe

Hi all,

Both Debian Installer and discover currently attempt to install the sunqe 
driver for SUNW,qfe sbus devices. From an installation report [1] it 
looks very much like this is incorrect.

Current detection is based on this line in the hw-setup component of d-i:
    SUNW,qfe:SunQuad SBus Ethernet:sunqe

I've taken a look at some kernel module code and it looks like the correct 
driver for the NICs themselves is sunhme. From sunhme.c:
    for_each_sbus(sbus) {
        for_each_sbusdev(sdev, sbus) {
            char *name = sdev->prom_name;

            if (!strcmp(name, "SUNW,hme")) {
                prom_getstring(sdev->prom_node, "model",
                               model, sizeof(model));
                if (!strcmp(model, "SUNW,sbus-qfe"))
                    happy_meal_sbus_init(sdev, 1);
                    happy_meal_sbus_init(sdev, 0);
                } else if (!strcmp(name, "qfe") ||
                           !strcmp(name, "SUNW,qfe")) {
                    happy_meal_sbus_init(sdev, 1);

This is supported by this comment from sunqe.c:
       /* QEC can be parent of either QuadEthernet or BigMAC
         * children.  Do not confuse this with qfe/SUNW,qfe
         * which is a quad-happymeal card and handled by
         * a different driver.

The question that remains is: how can we recognize when the sunqe driver 
should be loaded (and do we need to at all)?
This bit from sunqe.c suggests looking for the string "qec":
    if (strcmp(sdev->prom_name, "qec") != 0)
        return 0;

Can someone confirm this?
If someone has a system that uses the sunqe driver, please post the output 
of 'prtconf'.


P.S. I've changed the indentation of the code snippets a bit.

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/306476

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