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Re: Porting packages to sparc

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Martin Habets wrote:

At the moment this only builds for sparc (i.e. sparc32) due to a
restriction in the Debian build script.
It seems to me llvm itself would build for sparc64, but I cannot
verify that as I only have a sparc32 box.
The patch attached would be a start...

Actually, most sparc packages in Debian are built in 32-bit mode to make sure that resulting binaries work both on sparc32 and sparc64. According to buildd log, the system type was detected as sparc64. It might be a result of a buildd misconfiguration discovered some time ago - one of them was not actually switching to 32-bit mode before starting the build, as it should. I'll try to investigate this further. Does it build on sparc32 at the moment?

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