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No Login Prompt On Ultra 10 Using atyfb

Hi all,
I'm returning to this after a few years in the wilderness playing with NetBSD and have a wee problemo with my Ultra10.

I'm having issues getting the atyfb driver working for the onboard 2MB Mach64 framebuffer in the machine. At first the machine would display nothing at all after loading the kernel (OBP displayed fine). Now I've got the atyfb drivers compiled into the kernel properly and the display comes up with all the boot information and gets as far as telling me that it's loaded the cron daemon and stops, never giving me a login prompt. Leaving it for 10 minutes blanks the screen and hitting a key brings the display back and <alt>-<Fx> combinations appear to switch to blank virtual consoles. Also, I can login to the machine quite happily via SSH. I've also got
in my silo.conf.

The machine had a Creator3D card in it as well which I took out to try and simplify matters to get this working. I'm not too bothered about getting the Creator3D working as a) I don't have a sun-to-vga convertor so I'd be stuck using my old 19" Sun CRT that draws more power than the rest of my house put together and b) the Mach64's VGA output drives my TFT quite happily and I've no intention of running X on this at the moment.

I'll hold off posting my entire kernel config file unless someone asks for it as it's quite large, obviously.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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