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Anyone running MythTV and/or ivytv drivers on Ultra 10?

Before I try this, I thought that I would ask and see if anyone has
tried this.

I have a Hauppauge PVR250, which is a PCI card that does video encoding
in hardware, and I am wondering if my Ultra 10 (with a 333 MHz
processor) has enough horsepower to function as a MythTV backend. 

I run the U10 headless. I would watch video on another (hopefully
quieter) machine over 100 mbit wired ethernet or wifi g.

I see that the gentoo people have built the ivtv drivers and mythtv for
sparc, so this should be do-able for me on debian. I have built ivtv
for x86-32 a couple of times. I 

Some questions, off the top of my head:
0. Is anyone doing this?
1. Any tips?
2. Do I need to upgrade to a recent 2.6 kernel for the ivtv drivers?
3. Can I still run sarge?
4. Any debs? marillat seems to have sparc mythtv packages, but only for sid.

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