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Re: sparc developer machines

> can you give more info about the crash, where it occurs in building
> openoffice.org? tail of the build log would be good. 

I'm told that it usually occurs while doing the "dpkg -i" of the
build-deps, and possibly most recently while dpkg was installing

> I am continually building the upstream version of openoffice.org on sparc64
> (sunblade 100, NOT SMP), maybe I can look for some clue that helps, such as
> warning message, relevant code or something?

I don't think it's anything specific to the build itself.  I am unable
to reproduce any such crash with a single-proc machine, but if you can,
that would provide another data point.

Another possible way to reproduce the crash would be to set up buildd
and have it rebuild the entire archive.

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