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Re: D-I update for Sparc (daily builds)

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 01:13, Jared Valentine wrote:
> Are there also tftpboot images with 2.6.12?  Where are these images
> located?

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 00:59, Tyler wrote:
> What is the address where the daily builds are available?


> Also, does 
> this imply that there is a *working* bootable image for people having
> the Fast MMU Access error with any/all CD's they've tried thus far?  If
> it doesn't fix this problem, when can we expect a working image?

I honestly cannot answer that question as I don't have a machine that is 
affected. I suggest you try the new images.

The problem needs to be fixed by people involved with the sparc port 
together and/or have the problem. Don't expect the installer team to 
provide the solution! The installer team will of course be happy to 
implement the solution once it has been identified and provide 
information on how images are created if needed.

AFAIK the problem is either in the kernel or the bootloader. So it will 
need to be fixed there and then the installer will automagically work as 
well. Unfortunately both kernel and bootloader development are not very 
active at the moment.


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