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RE: D-I update for Sparc (daily builds)

Are there also tftpboot images with 2.6.12?  Where are these images located?


Jared Valentine

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Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 3:57 PM
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Subject: D-I update for Sparc (daily builds)


The default kernel for sparc64 installations is now 2.6.12, with 2.4.27 as 
For sparc32 support for 2.6 based installations has been dropped as there 
is no 2.6.12 kernel available (yet?); the 2.4.27 kernel will be supported 
as long as no decision is made to drop it.

NOTE: As the changes for building CDs still have to be implemented, the
      switch may mean that CD installations may be broken the next days.

If you boot a mini.iso or CD image, you can select the following options:
- install : default installation
- expert  : installation with debconf/priority=low
- rescue  : use the installer for rescue

For sparc64 CD images these options will boot the 2.6.12 kernel, to boot 
the alternative 2.4.27 kernel, use install24, expert24 or rescue24.

The official images for Sarge are of course not affected by this, only the 
daily builds are.


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