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Re: Drive limits on Netra X1

No, Linux does not bypass the limit. The IDE controller cannot physically
address any more space than that.

You will need to get an LBA48 IDE controller, but you probably wont be
able to boot from it (because the OpenBoot wont let you). You'll have to
have a drive on the main system IDE in order to boot from, and then mount
the larger drive from Linux (it can still be the root partition).

On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 10:22:43AM +0100, Dan Granville wrote:
> A fair amount of googling hasn't given me a definite answer to this, I
> wonder if anyone here can help?
> I understand the IDE controllers in the X1 are only LBA 28, meaning
> they can only address 137 GB. I'd really like to put some bigger
> drives in. I know on older PC's linux bypasses this limit, can the
> same be said for linux on sparc?
> Thanks in advance for any insight!
> Dan

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