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Re: SUN Enterprise 3000

Frank F. Waarsenburg wrote:


SUNW,fas is the faster version of the esp (whose name is
an acronym, but I can't remember it). it *should* work with
the regular esp driver. the same driver is used for all SCSI busses
from the SPARCstation 1 to the SBUS-based ultras.

Now, you need to check whether the esp module is loaded ;
start the installation process, and when the system claim
there is no disk, use alt+F2 to go to the second console,
type return as required, and then do an 'lsmod'. If no esp is
loaded, try loading it with 'modprobe esp'. Then check for
the module 'mod_sd' the same way. If we both modules
the installer refuse to see any disk, there's a problem with
either the installer or the hardware.

Please keep us informed of the results,

Romain Dolbeau

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