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Re: SUN Enterprise 3000

Frank F. Waarsenburg wrote:
After a couple of days experimenting I came to the point that it loads a
boot image through RARP/TFTP (2.6 kernel version). Now I'm stuck at the
message "No partitionable media were found". The system had 2 4.2G SUN
drives: no partitionable media found. So I thought the disks were messed
up, and replaced them with a single COMPAQ 36G disk that I had. Same
error, no partitionable media. But a probe-scsi shows both the SUN disks
when they are in the system, and the COMPAQ. According to what I read on
the internet, this was a bug?? Anyone that knows a workaround for this?

What does the device-tree looks like ? (show-devs in the console should
display it) From the device name of the SCSI bus it should be possible
to determine which module you need, and then you can check wether it's
loaded properly by the kernel.

Romain Dolbeau

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