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Re: SUN Enterprise 3000

Frank F. Waarsenburg <f.waarsenburg@eye-display.nl> wrote:

> recently I bought a SUN Enterprise 3000, with only a serial interface for
> console connections. I tried both the RedHat ZOOT (quite old) and the
> debian 31r0a distributions, but both terminate with the same problem:
> unable to mount the CDRom (where it just booted from...) Looks like the
> scsi interface is not recognized. Any suggestions how to continue from
> here? (other than getting Solaris10)

You can try to netboot. On Sun hardware it's fairly easy, in particular
if you have another Debian system on the local network, as debian
packages everything required. You only need to configure the bootp
server (it's in the doc) and the tftp server (it's in the doc too).

good luck,

Romain Dolbeau

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