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Re: Remote printing from a Solaris box to a remote Debian-CUPS server (SOLVED)

Richard Mortimer wrote:

> You might also want to look in /var/log/lpr.log
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> > From: Steffan Baron [mailto:sbaron@wiwi.hu-berlin.de]
> >
> > Does the access_log of your cups server say anything about
> > the connection from your solaris box? What about the error_log?
> >

Thank you very much, Richard and Steffan you pointed me to the right
direction. I feel rather ashamed and still cannot believe how stupid I
am. But I learned a lot about printing and networking. Without your
precious help, however, I wouldn't have succeeded. The point was: I
named the printer on Debian-system "ljet4p", but called the print queue
on SolarisBox "rljet4p". A look in "/var/log/lpr.log" on Debian-system
clarified the situation (thanks to Richard).

Debian-system:# tail -f /var/log/lpr.log
Aug 18 10:14:50 Debian-system cups-lpd[540]: Connection from
SolarisBox.meineDomaene.de (<IP-address>)
Aug 18 10:14:50 Debian-system cups-lpd[540]: Receive print job for
Aug 18 10:14:51 Debian-system cups-lpd[540]: Unknown destination
Aug 18 10:14:51 Debian-system cups-lpd[540]: Closing connection

A change of the print queue name from "rlet4p" to "ljet4p" remedied the
defects. Now, all works just fine and I am happy.

During browsing the net I came across an article that shed some light on
the printing mechanism of the Solaris OS:


Although it wasn't useful for my problem, I consider it quite

Again, thanks a lot


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