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Re: AW: Deb on Sparc Station 5 / monitor interface

On 8/15/2005 11:37 AM, John Bowden wrote:
> On Monday 08 Aug 2005 10:42, Jurzitza, Dieter wrote:
>>Dear listmembers,
>>I have *very* positive experience using the Raritan Adapter: 1395 "Raritan
>>Sun VGA-Konverter 13W3->D-Sub 15" with any PC-standard monitor that does
>>not understand sync on green. Take care
>>Dieter Jurzitza
> I want to run the sun monitors on my other pc's as the SS5 will be clustered 
> and I don't need a monitor on each SS5 unit

The problem is not technically feasible.  The question is whether it is a
economically sound decision.  The 13W3 to HD15 VGA adapter runs about $15
(OEM) to $40 (Sun).  You can buy a new 17" monitor around $50.  I am aware
of 2 types of monitor (GDM-17E10 & GDM-17E20) which packaged with the SS5.
The resolution of both monitors max out at 1280x1024.  Its best resolution
is at 1152x900.  Very few VGA adapters support 1152x900.  If you are happy
with such resolution, search this "13W3 to PC / VGA adapters" with google.

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