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Re: Difference in Woody ISO's

On Sun, 2005-08-14 at 05:16 +0100, John Bowden wrote:
> Hi Folks it me again!
> 	I have dl Woody and Sarge, greedy I guess! Berring in mind I'm going to be 
> running SS5's I will go with Woody. I was wandering what the difference 
> between debian-30r6-sparc-binary-1.iso and 
> debian-30r6-sparc-binary-1_NONUS.iso is?
The NonUS disks has software from the (now defunct I believe) non-US
respository.  This is a division dating back to the US having silly
export laws on cryptography, non-US contained anything that used strong
crypto.  You want the NonUS disk.

>  Also are the 
> debian-update-3.0r6-sparc-1 and 2.iso's all the final updates, patches ect ? 
Given Woody still has legacy support I don't think these are the very
last patches; make sure you have security.debian.org in your sources
list as well.

> If so do I install with them or put them in after install?
Install with them.  The r* series are the same packages and same set up,
just slightly different versions if things have been fixed.


 - Martin

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