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Re: An (flamebait ?) idea to preserve debian on sparc32...

Am Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2005 10:23 schrieb Romain Dolbeau:
> So my idea is: why not go over to a kernel and libc that actually
> support all of the above ? Namely, the NetBSD kernel...
> Debian already has started support for NetBSD on i386 and alpha ; why
> not try and add both sparc32/v7 and sparc32/v8 (the second being able to
> re-use most of the first userland) to that list ? The regular sparc port
> would become a pure v9 port, w/o the need to support legacy HW, and
> people running Debian on sparc32 would be able to continue to do so.
> Of course some will say "why don't you run NetBSD then ?", which I do on
> my sun4 / sun4c (and even sun3 and sun3x :-) hardware, but I prefer
> apt-get and friends for my userland, as I'm sure others do.
> So, what do the sparc32 people think ?

Would be fine with me, I have already a dual-boot (Solaris8, Debian-3.1) an 
that SS20 clone, never tried NetBSD, though.


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