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Re: Debian Woody running SMP on a SPARCserver 1000E (sun4d)

Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:

Around a year ago I acquired a number of SPARCserver 1000E machines,
I have not made similar progress with a scratch-compiled 2.4 kernel.
I put rather a lot of work into this a while back and my patches are in 2.4.30, there are still some outstanding issues :-

Serial console does not work - use a frame buffer and keyboard.
UP is stable but SMP still crashes, looks like an IRQ handling problem in SMP mode but ICBW.

I ran out of time and skills, so I have not done any more work, if you would like to pick up the ball and try running with it I will try to help you get started.

In general Sun4d is very similar to sun4m, if you look at the patches that have been applied for sun4m but not sun4d this will probably fix a few things.

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