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Re: Software RAID on SPARC64

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 17:57:22 +0100, David Johnson wrote:
> I've been having problems with software RAID (using mdadm) on Sarge on
> an Ultra Enterprise 450. There seems to be a bug somewhere causing
> corruption of Sun disk labels.
> I start with 8 SCSI disks with valid Sun disk labels and one partition
> filling each disk. The partition types are set to "Linux RAID
> autodetect".

What do the partition tables look like?

You may know this already, but you need to start the first partition on
each disk at cylinder 1 instead of cylinder 0 to leave room for the disk
label.  Apparently, Ext2/3 leaves some free space at the start of
partitions for this sort of thing, but RAID doesn't.


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