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Re: Debian Sarge on sunfire v240 - breaks at kernel booting!

"stefan t" <stefan@globtel.ro> writes:

> Well, I've installed Debian Sarge on a sunfire v240, with 1 GB of ram.

Did you actually manage to install with 1GB in the box, or did you do
that with less memory?  If you did install with that much memory, how
did you do it?

> I got a serious problem! I've compiled many kernel versions! (2.4.*, 2.6.*).
> When I'm booting my box with 512 MB of ram, it's all good, the system runs.
> But, when
> I add the other 2 memory cards, dies at 'Remaping kernel' stage!

This appears to be what I reported in bug #315978.  That box also has
1GB, unfortunately in two dimms, so I can't reduce it :-/.  Thanks for
the clue, at least.

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