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Proposal to document sparc installation issues

Hi all,

There are two known problems in Debian Installer that are unlikely to be
solved before the release of Sarge. I therefore propose to include the
following text in the Release Notes for Sparc.

The text in the Installation Guide that is referred to, can be found at [1].

Comments on the idea and both the text below and the note in the manual
are welcome.

(I will also add a note about the framebuffer issue in the manual, but that
 has not yet been written.)


[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.sparc/ch06s03.html#kbd-chooser

<![ %sparc [ 
      <sect id="sparc_kbd"><heading>Issues with keyboards on &arch-title;</heading>

        <p>There are several issues with keyboard selection during installation.</p>

        <p>The first issue is with USB keyboards by Sun as used on for example
        SunBlade systems. These are incorrectly "recognized" by the installer
        as regular Sun keyboards. A workaround is documented in the Installation
        Guide (see link above, chapter "Using the Debian Installer").</p>

        <p>The second issue is kernel related. Kernels in the 2.6 series use
        a different input layer that makes all keyboards look like "normal"
        PC keyboards. This means that if you boot the installer with a 2.4
        kernel and configure it for a Sun or USB keyboard and later (in expert
        mode) select a 2.6 kernel for the new system, you will very likely end
        up with a non-working keyboard after reboot.</p>


      <sect id="sparc_fb"><heading>Issues with framebuffer on &arch-title;</heading>

        <p>Because of display problems on some systems, framebuffer support is
        disabled by default for &arch-title;. This can result in ugly display on
        systems that do properly support the framebuffer, like those with ATI
        graphical cards. If you see display problems in the installer, you can try
        booting with parameter "debian-installer/framebuffer=true".</p>


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