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Re: Unofficial 2.6.11 kernel-images available for sparc

Re your keyboard problem,
dpkg-reconfigure console-data and select an i386 keyboard layout
appropriate to the language of your keyboard.

When you run 2.6.xx you must use a 386 layout because the kernel
converts the scancodes to 386. When running 2.4.xx you must use a SPARC
layout because codes are not converted.

--- Petr <petrvz@gmx.net> wrote:
> > Hi Peter,
> > 
> > In the output you've provided I do not see any hardware detection
> program 
> > (such as discover1) running at boot time. It looks like you have
> chosen 
> > not to use it, but to list the required modules in /etc/modules, so
> that 
> > they are loaded at boot time. In that case in order for the network
> card 
> > to be detected you have to manually add it to the this file (the
> name of 
> > the module is sunhme). It also tries to load modules audio and
> cs4231, 
> > which are not present, you might want to replace these two with 
> > snd-sun-cs4231. In general, it is quite useful to have discover1 
> > installed, as it will take care of loading all necessary modules 
> > automatically.
> Hi Jurij,
> Thanks for your advice. After adding sunhme to /etc/modules the
> happymeal is now working. I still cannot start X or use the keyboard,
> but now I can login with ssh. I also have installed discover1.
> Regards,
> Peter
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