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Re: Boot floppies for debian sarge

Le 19.01.05, Fredrik Lindberg a tapoté :

| Hi!

	Hi !

| I have a sparcstation 4 that I would like to install sarge on. The machine has
| no CD-ROM so I have to use boot floppies. My question is where can I find the
| boot floppy images for SPARC? All I find is a 3.6MB .img file, but for the
| previous version of debian there were a number of images for 1.44MB floppy disks
| (rescue, boot, drivers etc.). Why are there no similar images now? I don't think
| I have looked in the wrong place, because I am able to locate the floppy images
| for i386.  Is there perhaps some way of splitting the netboot .img file, or is
| there some other easy way I can make boot floppies? I intend to install all
| packages via network so once I have the basesystem running there is no problem.

	What about booting over the network too ?
	BOOTP/TFTP should work, no ?

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