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Re: showstoppers when moving from kernel 2.4 to 2.6

Am Freitag, 26. November 2004 08:44 schrieb Joerg Friedrich:
> root@ford-prefect:~# grep -i "Elite 3D" /proc/fb
> root@ford-prefect:~# egrep -i "Elite 3D" /proc/fb
> root@ford-prefect:~# cat /proc/fb | egrep -i "Elite 3D"
> root@ford-prefect:~# cat -s /proc/fb | egrep -i "Elite 3D"
> 0 Elite 3D
> root@ford-prefect:~# cat -s /proc/fb | grep -i "Elite 3D"
> 0 Elite 3D
> I need to use "cat -s" otherwise it doesn't work

Off-topic here but strange. What does the whole file with "cat /proc/fb" look 
BTW: /proc/fb exists on linux-2.4.x, too, so why not dump dmsg and only use 
that file?


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