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Ultra 10


I have a Ultra 10 that I'm not using anymore. Ofcourse, I can try to
sell it, but I'd rather support the Debian project with it. So, I'm
willing to donate it to the project, but I don't know how to proceed. I
want to make sure that the thing is being used by a developer or
something like that, and not by someone like me, who just wants it as a
toy. Alternatively, I can leave it here and provide access to it, but
I'm not willing to leave it on all the time.

The machine has a 300 or 333 MHz CPU (I'm not sure), 1 Gb of memory, a
Seagate ST34342A, a Creator 3D card (never used it since I don't have a
monitor); I can get more details if required. It's currently running
Debian stable with some updates from testing/unstable, and a 2.6.9

So, how and where do I advertise this, and how do I ensure that it will
be used to contribute to the Debian project?


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