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Re: ultra1 creator system freeze after terminal detach

It sounds like hyperterm sends out a break signal during disconnect.  There
are several ways to correct your problem.

1. Figure out how to disable the sending of the break signal from hyperterm
or use other terminal program which does not send out the break signal.

2. You can configure OBP not to react to the break signal.  I don't remember
how to do this.   But this is not a good idea.

3. You can configure the kernel to ignore the break signal.
sysctl -w kernel/stop-a=0

On 11/12/2004 12:22 PM, Stefan Bauer wrote:
> hello,
> i used a windows box with hyper terminal to connect to my sun 
> workstation via seriel connection (rs232). after finnished the install 
> process i detached the serial connection; reason was a total system 
> freeze of my box. if i restart the connection (from hyper terminal to 
> sun box) i can use 'go' to reactivate the whole box and everything works 
> fine.
> its a sun ultra1 creator, more infos below:
> Sun Ultra 1 UPA/SBus (UltraSPARC 167MHz), Keyboard Present
> OpenBoot 3.25, 128 MB memory installed, Serial #8973688.
> Ethernet address 8:0:20:88:ed:78, Host ID: 8088ed78.
> OpenBOOT:
> Release 3.25 Version 0 created 1999/12/03 11:38
> OBP 3.25.0 1999/12/03 11:38
> POST 3.11.4 1997/05/27 02:26
> my question is now, how can i prevent the system freeze?
> thanks in advance
> stefan

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