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Re: partitioning hard disk

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Huston wrote:

> On partitioning some of my hard disk, I get a menu with numerous options.  
> It ask if I want extended or primary and on other hard disk,  I get 10 
> options.  It doesn't ask about extended or primary.  They are all the 
> same type of hard disk.  Why am I getting these two different 
> partitioning set of options?   It is on an E250.

Partitioning the Sun way is different then done in Intel based systems. 
fdisk might find a intel partitioning scheme on an existing disk, and then 
behaves differently then when run on a disk with a Sun label.

With s you can force fdisk to default to an empty Sun label, which is what 
you need if you want OpenProm to be able to boot from that disk. There's a 
Debian-on-Sun HOWTO somewhere, which also explains al the partitioning 
stuff that you should be aware of.

> Thanks


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