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Re: all is read-only

Op wo 04-08-2004, om 14:55 schreef Rakotomandimby Mihamina:
> Koen Vermeer wrote:
> > I had the same problem yesterday. Look in the mail archives how to fix
> > checkroot.sh. It's pretty easy.
> I searched but did not find ... google had not the time to archive it, I 
> guess... would you help me to find the relevant thread please?

Start google, type 'checkroot.sh sparc', and click on the first link
that shows up.

To apply the fix, start with typing something like 'linux single' on the
silo prompt, enter your password on the prompt, remount / (something
like 'mount -o remount,rw /') and change the two lines in checkroot.sh
according to the fix.

Sorry, I cannot make it much easier than this...


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