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Re: Hardware: Multisync on SS20

yes you can .
SUN supplies a connector .I still use one .
With it you can connect a VGA monitor to a TurboGX graphic card
I have a refernce on the connector box but i dont know if it is SUN
I give you it in state! :)
PN: F130-3034-01

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Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 11:12 AM
Subject: Hardware: Multisync on SS20

> Hi listers,
> reading the specifications of the Sun 13W3 connector I have discovered
> is just the CompositeSync signal.
> But I want to use my old IBM PC Monitor. There is the typical Hsyn and
> pins for vga-connectors. I want to solder a connector if possible.
> My questions:
> Usually there is no pin for CompositeSync on PC-multisync monitors, am I
> right?
> Does any of you have a connector/converter in use?
> Are there any ways to get it working??
> cheers
> herbs
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